Teknokroma manufactures columns and consumables for chromatography such as vials, syringes, gas generators, compressors, filtration, valves, products for extraction or gas chromatography.


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Our selection :

 4-GC consumables
 6-Hamilton Syringes and Accessories
 9-HPLC Columns 2
 11-Industrial, Chemical and Biological GC Applications
 12-Enviromental GC Applications
 1-What's New
 2-New GC Sapiens Capillary columns
 3-GC Capillary Columns
 5-Vials and accessories
 7-Filtration and SPE Extraction
 8-HPLC Columns 1
 10-HPLC Consumables, Hamilton Pipettes and Electrodes
 13-Food and Flavours GC Applications
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