Perkin Elmer

PerkinElmer specializes in analysis and instrumental solutions to improve the health and safety of people and their environment.  PerkinElmer manufactures scientific instruments, particularly in biology and optoelectronics. PerkinElmer’s Life and Analytical Sciences division develops and manufactures biological molecule research, chemical and environmental measurement tools, medical imaging, genetic screening instruments and reagents.


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.N9316299 Perkin Elmer 604.80 CHF
616.90 €
00003492 Perkin Elmer 1.00 CHF
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00080100 Perkin Elmer 335.00 CHF
341.70 €
00090037 Perkin Elmer 221.00 CHF
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00090038 Perkin Elmer 160.00 CHF
163.20 €